The International Semantic Web Research School (ISWS) provides a perfect experience for young scientists and researchers, working in both Academia and Industry, who want to learn about cutting edge technologies and novel research achievements in the Semantic Web domain. The school inherits the successful pedagogic principles and the lessons learned from previous experiences and aims at being a prominent reference school for the best young researchers, PhD and master students of the Semantic Web community.

The principles and the distinguishing characteristics of ISWS are:

High profile mentors: all tutors and speakers of the school are renown members of the Semantic Web community and beyond it.

Full immersion: the participants work very hard for a whole week and they experience all main activities that a researcher faces during her/his career such as team working, problem and state of the art analysis, development of novel methods, writing of research articles and reports, presenting a research result, defending a thesis, etc.

Lectures and Keynotes: ISWS combines lectures that introduce to advanced methods in specific areas with keynote talks that present visions and novel research trends.

Networking: all tutors stay and constantly interact with and mentor the students for the whole duration of the school. The result is that participants, typically at an early career stage, thanks to the school build a rich social and professional network that span from junior to highly known scientists.

Working and having fun: ISWS is organised so that students have lots of fun during social activities and free time. They leave the school with great memories and satisfaction, and by having met many new good friends.

Learning by doing: although ISWS features lectures and keynotes most of the time is devoted to work in team with tutors for developing research. Students form teams and focus on a research problem for which they study a solution under the methodological guidance of highly expert tutors.

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