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  • SkypeID: bluvale

Resume: Valentina Presutti is a researcher at the Semantic Technology Laboratory of the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome, and she is associated at LIPN (University Paris 13 and CNRS). She received her Ph.D in Computer Science in 2006 at the University of Bologna (Italy). She has been the scientific coordinator for CNR in the EU funded project IKS (Interactive Knowledge Stack - A framework for Semantic CMS that bring semantics at the interaction level), and she has been on of the main researchers in the EU funded projects NeOn (Networked Ontologies - methods and tool for design of networked ontologies). She is editor in chief of the initiative and she has co-founded the series of workshops on Ontology Patterns (WOP). She has more than 50 publications in international journals/conferences/workshops on topics such as Semantic Web, knowledge extraction, and ontology design. She also teaches knowledge management at the University of Bologna, and works as consultant for private as well as public organizations. Her research interests include Semantic Web and Linked Data, knowledge patterns, exploratory search, ontology design, collaborative knowledge/content management, and ontology-based software engineering.

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