Portale delle fonti per la storia della Repubblica italiana


Valentina Presutti


PON Governance e Capacità Istituzionale 2014-2020


November 2017 - November 2018

“Portale delle fonti per la storia della Repubblica italiana” is one of the case studies of the project “Beni e Patrimonio Culturale: Governare La Progettazione” funded by the “PON Governance e Capacit√† Istituzionale 2014-2020” framework.
The Portale aims at promoting the history of the Italian Republic by integrating and made available the archival heritage of several Italian institutions such as: Presidency of the Italian Republic, Senate of the Republic, Chamber of Deputies, Presidency of the Council of the Ministers, Ministry of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Ministry of Education, State Central Archives and the Istituto Centrale per gli Archivi as well as other public and private organizations.
The main activities of the project will include: 1) the design of a data workflow for integrating and linking several heterogeneous sources; 2) the implementation of semantic technologies for enhancing and analysing imported information.

STLabers involved

Portale delle fonti per la storia della Repubblica italiana

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