The ontology and Open Data platform of the Italian National Research Council


Aldo Gangemi


Italian National Research Council (CNR)


2009 - is an initiative of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) aimed at providing an Open Data platform to enable public access to the information of the CNR organization. The platform is designed by the Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab), which includes researchers and engineers from the Information Systems Office (SI), and the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC).

The platform has been designed and implemented following the paradigm of the Linked Data initiative, and relies on semantic technologies. The produced OWL ontologies and corresponding datasets model and provide access to heterogeneous, detailed information about the Italian National Research Council’s structure and activities, such as people, departments/units, research activities, results and publications.

The complete list of the CNR OWL ontologies is available here, and the corresponding documentation is provided in OWL-Doc Format. The ontology and the data can be queried through a dedicated SPARQL Endpoint, and a description of the RDF dataset is also available here.

The Semantic Scout is an example of an application that connects to the dataset.

Detailed information about the ontology and on how to access, browse and query the dataset is available at

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