STLabers share their passion and knowledge
to achieve better results everyday.

You want to know about somebody, something, a place, a how, a when, whatever? Ask him and you will always have an answer. During his career, Aldo managed to combine philosophy and computer science and become one of the top computer scientist, able to go deep to the essence of any problem.
Alessandro is a true perfectionist, always precise, finicky, careful observer and hard worker.
Since it became part of STLab, he immediately worked on major projects of the laboratory with passion and enthusiasm, accepting the challenges and showing to the rest of the group all his talent.
Andrea is great researcher with a good temper, generous and funny. Undoubtedly he is the joker of the group and he is always ready with a quick reply. He always does everything with great and sincere smile on his face. He is a genius programmer, with stunning technical and theoretical knowledge.
Giorgia is overactive and she never steps back. We are facing a hard worker, precise and rigorous, but at the same time shining andcharismatic. Even if busy she will always find the time for everyone in case of necessity and she is always ready to get involved with new challenges and new opportunities.
Despite his young age Luigi is a brilliant researcher, enterprising and curious. He is hungry both for knowledge and for good food!
His enthusiasm for the job is contagious and he does not stop in front of any obstacle.
Her expertise in communication is a valuable resource in disseminating the results of our research. Her enthusiasm, energy and enterprising spirit are contagious and continuously give lifeblood to the entire group. Thanks to her hard work everything runs smoothly in the lab, allowing other STLabers to fully focus on their nerdy stuff.
With his sunny smile, Misael knows always how to be kind and helpful. He is a passionate and creative person, a talented researcher who over the weekend rides the waves with his surfboard!
Valentina is the soul of the laboratory, a force of nature, a volcano of ideas!
She is an excellent researcher, passionate and innovative; she finds a solution for every problem.
She is very determined and resolute but she is always open to confrontation.


Diego is a war machine, a real force of nature! He does his job well and quickly and this allows him to devote his free time to his passions: swimming and fishing!
He can not sit still for a second, always ready to give the best of himself in everything he does.
Legend has it that no one has ever seen him angry... Mario is remarkable from both the personal and professional perspective; he is kind, helpful, and it is impossible not to get along with him. He is creative, passionate and since he joined the laboratory, he brought his knowledge undoubtedly enriching the strength of the group.
Sergio is a hard worker, methodic, precise, always ready to put to the test himself! He always has a big smile and with his genuine attitude, he manages to bring a wave of joy wherever he goes.
He is a exceptional colleague and an amazing father


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