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STLabers say about him

Andrea is great researcher with a good temper, generous and funny. Undoubtedly he is the joker of the group and he is always ready with a quick reply. He always does everything with great and sincere smile on his face. He is a genius programmer, with stunning technical and theoretical knowledge.

Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese is a Researcher at the Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab) of the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome, Italy. He received a PhD in Computer Science in 2014 from the University of Bologna (Italy). His research interests concern Knowledge Extraction, Ontology Design Patterns, Linked Data and Semantic Web. He has been a researcher in the EU funded project IKS (Interactive Knowledge Stack) and a main developer of Apache Stanbol software stack, which provides a set of reusable components for semantic content management. He has published scientific papers in international journals and conferences.


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    Innovazioni per l'elaborazione dei dati nel settore del Patrimonio Culturale


    Ecosistema digitale per la fruizione e la valorizzazione dei beni e delle attività culturali

    Atlas of Paths

    Atlas of Paths


    Architettura della Conoscenza


    Measuring the Impact of Research - Alternative indicators

    Team Digitale

    Enhancing Open Data to Linked Open Data


    A platform to improve the accuracy of user-tailored advertisement


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    Hermes Virtual Tour

    Surfing in the past through Augmented Reality

    Semantic Scout

    CNR scientific and administrative data


    The ontology and Open Data platform of the Italian National Research Council


    Ontology and Linked Open Data on Italian cultural institutes and sites and events


    Ontologies and Linked Open Data on food quality certification schemes (PDO, PGI)

    S&T DL

    A Science & Technology Digital Library to make science and technology available to everyone


    Managing Active and healthy aging with use of caRing servIce robots.


    PiattafoRme cloud Interoperabili per SMArt-government


    Interactive Knowledge Stack