CNR scientific and administrative data


Aldo Gangemi




2009/05/01 - 2010/04/30

Semantic Scout opens up the data silos of CNR scientific and administrative data. Besides reengineering CNR databased into RDF linked data, it enriches them with semantic search, text categorization results, data materialization, and automated reasoning techniques. It offers such data for consumption by meand of different interactions: SPARQL endpoint, XML-based exploratory browsing, and RDF-based exploratory browsing and automatic reporting. Semantic Scout started from STLab research on “semantic intrawebs”, requested originally by CNR president office in 2006. After some preliminary experiences, documented in a paper published at ISWC2007, it evolved into a project for a corporate semantic web, based also on the requirements provided by the Technology Transfer Office of CNR. The most recent publication is a paper published at EKAW2010.

STLabers involved

Semantic Scout

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