A Science & Technology Digital Library to make science and technology available to everyone


Public Administrations agreement between CNR and Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (AgID)


2013/09/01 - 2015/10/01

The S&T DL project is aimed at realizing a digital library that uses semantic technolgies for exposing, querying, as well as integrating research objects from a variety or repositories. This library is designed as an integrated system to foster the access of the research objects by the research community. The research objects include articles, collections, datasets, software, historical works (properly digitized), and data about research activities, projects and researchers.

The Ontology Network of S&T DL uses SPAR as reference ontologies for modelling the knowledge about bibliographic items in the Semantic Web. SPAR forms a suite of orthogonal and complementary OWL 2 DL ontology modules organized in an ontology network for enabling the creation of comprehensive machine-readable RDF metadata for every aspect of semantic publishing and referencing: document descriptions, bibliographic resource identifiers, types of citations and related contexts, bibliographic references, document parts and status, agents’ roles and contributions, bibliometric data and workflow processes. The procedure developed for generating Linked Data from the original digital library is based on the Semion methodology. Basically, it consists of two different step:

  1. Reengineering: the objective of this step is to obtain a syntactic conversion of data from their original format (i.e., XML) to a intermediate format expressed as RDF;
  2. Refactoring: it allows to model and organize the data coming from the reengineering step according to the ontology network.

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