ICT - based solutions for augmented fruition and exploration of Cultural Heritage


Valentina Presutti




2014 - 2017

NEPTIS focuses on cultural experience and cultural heritage exploitation defining and realizing CONCEPTOURING (from concept to cultural experience-oriented tour engineering), an integrated system prototype to create services and applications supporting itineraries and cultural heritage exploitation. These itineraries will offer an assisted access to citizens, tourists and visitors and a cultural heritage personalized experience before, during and after their visit.
The NEPTIS system is a type of authoring collaborative and web-based system, that could be used by operators (and user) to build multimedia, interactive, dynamic, adaptive, personalisez/user-adjustable and exciting cultural itineraries. The itineraries will be experienced with personal mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) and/or made available directly on cultural site (mainly on tablet)
The system adopts a collaborative approach to support the co-creation of contents and services based on co- operation among cultural stakeholders, in order to. The project, actually, aims to create a model of engagement of the Cultural Heritage sector.
Applications built trough CONCEPTOURING can exploit the interaction user/visitor (on-site, on-line, on remote control) through physical real itineraries (3D scenic design, immersive media, single/multiple fruition), navigation/exploration of virtually rebuilt environment both terrestrial and underwater (remote control, limited immersion, single/multiple fruition), learning itineraries and knowledge based on the employment of mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet (development/divulgation).
The validation of project results will take place on many of the following sites/itineraries/sceneries of Sicilian territory: Museo del barocco and Val di Noto circuit, Eraclea Minoa archaeological and antiquarium Site, Liberty with Basile archive and Villino Ida Basile, Augusta Castel , Sicilian Cathedral Tour, Priolo Gargallo territory. It is also expected an experimentation of virtual underwater sites fruition.

STLabers involved


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