STLab research aims at identifying cognitively sound formal representations of knowledge as well as at developing efficient ways to process it for its automatic understanding. STLab team is composed of researchers with diverse backgrounds in order to achieve its goals with an interdisciplinary approach.

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The Semantic Technology Laboratory (STLab) has been created in Autumn 2008. It is a research group of the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR).


STLab does research on Artificial Intelligence problems that involve the (Semantic) Web as a source of global knowledge for machines. Since it was created, STLab has collaborated with the Information Systems Unit of CNR for experimenting and deploying semantic web technologies to the CNR scientific network. Thanks to this synergy, CNR has been the first public organisation in Italy to publish its linked open data.


Besides its internal staff, STLab collaborates with professors and researchers from other institutions. They are formally part of the group with the role of “research associate”. We also welcome student internships focused on semantic web technologies, artificial intelligence and social robotics.


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You want to know about somebody, something, a place, a how, a when, whatever? Ask him and you will always have an answer. During his career, Aldo managed to combine philosophy and computer science and become one of the top computer scientist, able to go deep to the essence of any problem.
Valentina is the soul of the laboratory, a force of nature, a volcano of ideas!
She is an excellent researcher, passionate and innovative; she finds a solution for every problem.
She is very determined and resolute but she is always open to confrontation.

Research Areas

Cognitive computing

Social robotics

Natural Language Understanding

Linked (Open) Data and Semantic Web

Knowledge and Data Integration

Ontology Design and Engineering

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