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STLabers say about him

You want to know about somebody, something, a place, a how, a when, whatever? Ask him and you will always have an answer. During his career, Aldo managed to combine philosophy and computer science and become one of the top computer scientist, able to go deep to the essence of any problem.

Aldo Gangemi is researcher at ISTC-CNR, Rome, and professor at University Paris 13 (Sorbonne Paris Cité, CNRS UMR 7030).
He has founded and directed the Semantic Technology Lab (STLab) of ISTC-CNR since 2008 (he previously co-founded the Applied Ontology Lab of ISTC-CNR in Trento).
His research focuses on Semantic Technologies as an integration of methods from Knowledge Engineering, the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Cognitive Science, and Natural Language Processing. His theoretical interests concentrate upon the representation and discovery of knowledge patterns across data, ontology, natural language, and cognition.
Applications domains include Medicine, Law, eGovernment, Agriculture and Fishery, Business, and Cultural Heritage.
He has published more than 200 papers [1] in international peer-reviewed journals, conferences and books, and seats as EB member of international journals (Semantic Web, Applied Ontology, Web Semantics), as conference chair (LREC2006, EKAW2008, WWW2015), and advisory committee member for international organizations.
He has worked in the EU projects: Galen, WonderWeb, OntoWeb, Metokis, NeOn, BONy, IKS, and MARIO.
Some of the software projects he contributed to (e.g. FRED, Aemoo, Semantic Scout, Sentilo, XDTools, etc.) in ontology engineering, knowledge extraction and exploratory search are demonstrated in web applications or services from [2].



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